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Pace-Egging 1976

Pace-Egging Mummers Play, Easter Monday 1976
Pace-eggingMummers Play 1976_8_w.jpg

1977 Performance

Wantage Traditional Mummers at The Greyhound, Letcombe, Boxing Day 1977
Harlequin 1978.jpg

1984 Performance

'Steventon Mummers Play' performed on Boxing Day at The Plough - East Hendred, The Bear - Wantage, The Sparrow - Letcombe
Mummers 1984_3_w.jpg

1985 Performance

.. some rare footage. Boxing Day at Faringdon, Wantage and Letcombe Bassett

1989 Performance

Boxing Day at Letcombe Bassett
Mummers 1989_1_w.jpg

1991 Performance

from the Wantage and Grove Herald (January 2 1992)
Mummers 1991_1_w.jpg

1992 Performance

Boxing Day at Wantage Market Place and The Plough West Hanney
Mummers 1992_1_w.jpg

1993 Performance

Wantage Market Place performance
Mummers 1993_1_w.jpg

1994 Performance

High Drama at West Hanney on Boxing Day
Mummers 1994 - West Hanney_1_w.jpg

World Drum 2013: Avebury, 30 March 2013

The World Drum Project came to life by its founders Whitecougar, Birger Mikkelsen and Morten Wolf Storeide; a call to save Mother Earth through the heartbeat of the drum. This Avebury event is one of several organised by the British Druid Order

2015 Performance

Boxing Day performance at Childrey
_K6A1300 211.jpg