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Pace-Egging 1976

Pace-Egging Mummers Play, Easter Monday 1976
Pace-eggingMummers Play 1976_4_w.jpg

1977 Performance

Wantage Traditional Mummers at The Greyhound, Letcombe, Boxing Day 1977
Old Father Beelzebub - 1977.jpg

1984 Performance

'Steventon Mummers Play' performed on Boxing Day at The Plough - East Hendred, The Bear - Wantage, The Sparrow - Letcombe
Mummers 1984_1b_w.jpg

1985 Performance

.. some rare footage. Boxing Day at Faringdon, Wantage and Letcombe Bassett

1989 Performance

Boxing Day at Letcombe Bassett
Mummers 1989_1_w.jpg

1991 Performance

from the Wantage and Grove Herald (January 2 1992)
Mummers 1991_1_w.jpg

1992 Performance

Boxing Day at Wantage Market Place and The Plough West Hanney
Mummers 1992_1_w.jpg

1993 Performance

Wantage Market Place performance
Mummers 1993_1_w.jpg

1994 Performance

High Drama at West Hanney on Boxing Day
Mummers 1994 - West Hanney_1_w.jpg

World Drum 2013: Avebury, 30 March 2013

The World Drum Project came to life by its founders Whitecougar, Birger Mikkelsen and Morten Wolf Storeide; a call to save Mother Earth through the heartbeat of the drum. This Avebury event is one of several organised by the British Druid Order
silver birch_K6A0524_ww.jpg

2015 Performance

Boxing Day performance at Childrey
_K6A1374 225.jpg